Cedar Prest - Glasswork Artist
Trees of Life Chatres
Trees of Life Chatres
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I have a new studio location “The Glass Labyrinth”
at 9 Maslin Cres, Maslin Beach 5170 South Australia
phone 61 08 73299613 and am setting up a gallery,
writing a book on “Designing with light and glass” and feeling that I can share some of my fabulous and unique imported glass stock with other committed artists. It is undoubtedly the best collection in Australia, hand selected by me and imported from Europe and America. Any colour or texture you might possible desire! When I came to live in SA in 1966 there was disbelief about the existence of most antique stock and no importing. I persuaded Yenkens in Melbourne to start bringing in American sheet rolled colours and the rest is history!

I am very disappointed that after all the effort that I, Anne and Klaus Zimmer put into trying to establish good quality teaching in contemporary stained glass in Tertiary institutions in Australia that nothing is left out there now. Glass Blowing is not the only story, leadlight in hobby classes is not fair to the medium. We are wasting our heritage!
Currently, I am transferring my remarkable tours in stained glass into digital archive and ready to lecture and travel again. If you haven't seen Harry Clarke, or the post war German designers you are seriously missing out. We still have the task ahead to design the future in collaboration with architects and our famous Australian light! Where IS our Australian school of Glass Design?